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Welcome to the Australian PPG

The Australian PPG XContest is a yearly event starting on the
2nd of March and finishing on the 1st of March each year.
The objective is to determine the winners of the
Chris Atkinson Memorial Trophy
and the Australian Interstate Championship Trophy.

Chris Atkinson Memorial Trophy

This is a 2 part process.

Firstly: Points are awarded to pilots competing in the
Australian PPG XContest. The pilot in first place is awarded
the highest point value with diminishing points awarded to
following places. (This is not the XContest point value.)

Secondly: At the Australian Championships there will be one
or more XC tasks. Similarly, points will be a awarded to the
various placing's achieved in each of these tasks.

Points from the first and second parts are added and the pilot
with the highest total point score will win the
Chris Atkinson Memorial Trophy.

Australian Inter-state/Club Trophy

The club with the highest Australian PPG XContest point score
will win this trophy. The score being the accumulated total of
the clubs 5 best pilots.


Administrator contact:
If you have any questions about the Australian PPG XContest,
or any suggestions for improvements or alterations,
please contact Brett Coupland.

Main goal of XContest:
The Australian PPG XContest runs on the platform of the
XContest project.
The main idea of XContest is to provide pilots with a
well-arranged and simple, online
PPG cross country contest.

Information will be updated regularly on our Facebook page.

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